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Menu QUESTION 19 Partially correct Mark 3.83 out of 5.00 PFlag question Cost Flows Through Journal Entries The Mixing Department performs a series of processes in which a fluid chemical is concentrated. Records indicate that the Mixing Department has been charged with $192,000 of direct labor costs. The manufacturing overhead rate is 150% of direct labor costs. Beginning work in process was $672,000, and ending work in process totaled $102,000. One- half of this periods completed products is sold on account at a price equal to 160% of its cost. Prepare journal entries to record (1) various costs charged to the Mixing Department this period, (2) transfer of this periods completed product, and (3) sale of one-half of this periods production. General Journal Ref Description Debit Credit (1) I work in process-Mixing Department 192,000 Wages payable 192 000

arn a https://mybusinesscourse.com/platform/mod/quiz/attempt.php?attempt 23468068cmi E Menu escription (1) | Work in process-Mixing Department 0 Wages payable 92,000 To record direct labor costs. Work in process-Mixing Department 288,000 Manufacturing overhead 288,000 To record manufacturing overhead. (2) Finished goods inventory | 1,254,000 Work in process-Mixing Department 0 480,000x To record completed production (3) Cost of goods sold Finished goods inventory 0 X To record cost of goods sold Cost of goods sold ales To record this periods sales Check

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