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Question: menu text problem f8 the figure drawn on the right...

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Menu Text Problem F-8 The figure drawn on the right shows Sues initial indifference curve l, for bottled water and soft drinks. Sues monthly budget for bottled water and soft drinks is $20.00. Initially the price of bottled water was $0.80 per bottle, and the price dof soft drinks was $2.00. Sues initial budget line is shown as the line LM. Initially Sues utility-maximizing combination was 20 bottles of water and 2 soft drinks shown by point H in the figure mentS mework a Quiz/Test Suppose that at a higher satisfaction level than the one shown by the indifference curve ly, Sues constant-utility preferences are as shown in the table below 占15. Bottled Water and Soft Drinks Bottled Water per month Soft Drinks per month 10 15 14 Selected ハ. Delete | Clean ? none Click the graph, choose a tool in the palette and follow the instructions to create your graph All parts showing This course (EC ossed on Miller: Economics Today 18e 0 2


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