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meteorology zonal wind/meridonal wind conversions?
4. Wind conversions. a) Given the zonal wind u -7.2 m/s and the meridional wind v 3.1 m/s, what is the total wind speed and direction? Give the wind speed in knots, and give the direction the wind is coming from, in terms of a standard compass (0° to 359°, where 0° is North and 180° is South). The answer should be in the form XX knots from YYY。” accurate to within 10° (Hint: For this class, 1 m/s 2 knots.) b) Give the same for u--4.1 m/s, v 1.5 m/s. c) And for u- 2.5 m/s, v-11.3 m/s d) If the meteorologically reported wind is 15 knots from heading 290°, what are the zonal and meridional winds, u and v, in m/s? e) Give the same for a 10 knots wind from 150° f) And for a 65 knots wind from 070°
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