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Question: mework functions re 0 of 7 pts 2vq1 alch the...

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mework: FUNCTIONS re: 0 of 7 pts 2.VQ-1 alch the video and then soive the problem given below HW Score: 76%. 11 of 16 (14 compiete) People who are severely obese (BMI 2 40) are at the most risk for serious health problems, which are the most expensive to treat The percent of peaple in a country who are severely obese from shown 2000 and projected to 203 Complete parts a b below Obese 24 456 67 a. Find the linear function that models severe obesity, with x represerting the number of years aher 2000 and y representing the percent of severely obese in he counry Use ietegers or decimals for any numbers in the squation Round to three decimal places as needed Enter your answer in the answer box and then cick Check Answer O Type here to search
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