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Question: mgmt 350spring 2019 caselette 1 please read the caselette material...

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MGMT 350_Spring 2019 Caselette #1

Please read the caselette material and then answer the questions by accessing the link within the Assignments folder on Blackboard.

Nathan currently serves as the manager of Highlands Bank Service Center in Dallas, Texas. Highlands Bank Service Center is responsible for all customer service calls for the Highlands Bank. Service Operators are expected to address basic account questions regarding statement balances and transactions in a timely and friendly manner. Nathan oversees a team of four Service Operators and is preparing to meet with Human Resources to discuss the performance of his team including any next steps related to promotions, reprimands, and terminations. The performance and tenure data for his team is as follows:

Service Operator

Customer Service Score

Service Call Completion (daily)







15 months





19 months





24 months





18 months

Customer Service Score is assessed using the ratings customers provide at the end of their service call. Service Call Completion refers to the number of customer service calls they complete per eight hour day. Lastly, Teamwork is the average grade assigned by peer Service Operators and is reflective of a team member’s willingness to support and further team initiatives such as training. A total of three peer Teamwork grades is collected for each service operator Teamwork score. The Tenure column refers to the total time in seat or how long the employee has been in the position.

The performance data is compiled once a month by mangers such as Nathan but it is only reviewed with Human Resources once a year. During that discussion, it is determined whether the Service Operator will be promoted to a Senior Service Operator position. Human Resources is also counseled if any employee should be reprimanded for insubordination or poor performance or terminated for a clear violation of company policy.

Nathan knows that he is only going to be able to promote one Service Operator to Senior Service Operator this time. All four employees have expressed interest in the promotion and are looking forward to the increase in responsibilities and in salary. Nathan is expected to consider performance data as well as tenure when making his decision.

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