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Question: michael has posted a letter to his close friend lorraine...

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Michael has posted a letter to his close friend, Lorraine. In the letter he offers to sell her his sports car for $4,700. Lorraine calls Michael and explains that she needs some time to think it over as she had not planned to buy a car soon. Michael tells her, “I’ll give you until November 19 to let me know whether you want the sports car.” On November 15, Lorraine posts a letter to Michael agreeing to buy the sports car at the specified price. Later on the same day, Michael is approached by his manager at work, Colleen, who wishes to purchase Michael’s sports car. Colleen offers $5,000 for the car. Michael promptly accepts. He phones Lorraine and leaves a message on her answering machine telling her that he has decided to sell the car to Colleen instead. Lorraine hears Michael’s message on November 16. Lorraine’s letter to Michael is not delivered until November 19.


With reference to relevant legal principles use the IRAC legal problem-solving approach to advise Michael as to whether he has any contractual obligations to Lorraine and to Colleen.

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