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7 (5 points) From Redfields with nce and the wo valtnts such as NO3. Explain why he expected a relationship between these is, he posited that the change in O2 between the tne sub-surface O2 minimum point should vary in constant proportion 8 (5 points) His actual data contained values that did not follow the relationship he expected. In general terms, how would you explain values that do not fall on this line (open circles a8 (We will go over this material- logistic growth- on Monday) You arrive at a party a bit late. There is a mayonnaise containing salad that has been sitting in the sun and has reached about 37°C. A microbial population has begun an explosive population increase unchecked by density-dependent mechanisms. Their intrinsic rate of increase () is 20 day 9 a. What is the doubling time of the population? b. What would you predict to be the population size 2 hours after the introduction of 10 microbes from a dirty spoon? A toxin that is produced after the cells reach a density of 1x10e8 cells, are you at risk of ingesting this toxin if you consume this salad 2 hours after the dirty spoon inoculated the salad? c. d. 6 hours after inoculation?
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