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Attempts Average: 1 6. Normative and positive statements The following table contains statements that provide some analysis of policies that address globalization Categorize each statement as positive or normative Statement In the past decade, U.S. companies have outsourced millions of jobs overseas. Companies that outsource jobs are acting immorally If the U.S. govermment were to institute higher tanfs on imports, companies would stop outsourcing jobs. O The U.S. government should institute higher tanfs on imports. Positive Normative Grade it Now ave & Continue Continue without saving
5. Microeconomics and macroeconomics Determine whether each of the following topics would more likely be studied in microeconomics or macroeconomics Microeconomics Macroeconomics The optimal interest raté for the Federal Reserve to target A firms decision about the size of its new factory The effects of government tax policy on long-term economic growth Grade It Now
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