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Question: molecular biology any help is appreciated...

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Molecular biology- Any help is appreciated
Molecular Biology Bio 203 icth the human genes are mixed, reshutfied, and reduced by half. has a complete set bt DNA and is identical to the parent cell 3 this provides a simple way to represent patterns of inheritance of 29 The dvision of the Each daughter ce aleles and te predkct the probability that a particuiar genotype wiil 8 An abbreviation for deoxyribonuclekc acid 9 naturally occurring enzymes in some bacteria that break the bonds 1 Triplet sets of nucleotide bases within genes that code for amino technique wihereby DilA strands are Duhisof mato, The uplicoted chromosomes firs 19 Human cells have 46 of these. They are long cofled strands of possessing two identical bileles of a particular gene 20 The rcess of converting the coded message URNA) into proteins 12 an abbreviation for polymerase chain reaction, which can 21 Sperm and eggs are cells, meaning that they have only 13 During this phase of mtosis, the two sets of chromosomes arrive at g this phase of mitosis, the duplicated chromosomes align on 14 When two different alieles are present, but only one is expressed, 23 The process of creating a coded message of a single gene that can be carried out of the núcleus. (in other words, creating an RNA 15 Human cells with 46 chromosomes are c copy of a DNA gene) 4 atemative versions of genes. Greek, diploos means twofois) because the 46 chromosomes separate and move to opposite sides of the cel. that alelę is said to or more protens e During enis phase of mitosis, the dupicared ONAmolecules t 23 pairs of chromosomes sentical under the microscope and they Kave copies 28 haploid sperm and eggs are created by a sequence of 25 when two difflerent alleles are present, but only one is expressed. 27 A short segment of DNA thet contains the code, or recipe for one
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