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Moment coefficient about the Center of Gravity of a wing-body model are -0.02314 and +0.05971 and Lift Coefficients 0.21359 and 0.62414 at angle of attack 1.0° and 6.2 respectively. What is the location of Aerodynamic Center for this model (Wing Chord c)? (A) 0.2018c behind CG (B) 0.2018c ahead of CG (C) 0.3625c behind CG (D) 0.3625c ahead of CG (where c is Wing Chord length) What is the value of Zero Lift Moment Coefficient for model in above question? (A) -0.06624 (C) -0.03625 (B)-0.02918 (D) +0.03625 If CMa for model in above question is constant, what is the trinm angle of this model? (A) 3.23 (C) 2.45 (B) 1.88 (D) Model cant be trimmed Which of the following is true for model in above question? (A) Statically Stable, dynamically stable (B) Statically Stable, dynamically unstable (C) Statically Unstable, dynamically stable (D) Statically Unstable, cant be said about dynamic stability In above question, a tail, having same airfoil section as wing, is added to the wing body model. How much Tail Volume is required to trim the aircraft at 6.2° angle of attack? (Assume no downwash at tail) (A) 0.0957 (C) 0.2362 (B) 0.2115 (D) 0.0325
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