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Mr George McFarlane is a 53year old Male. He has presented to hospital yesterday after he fell while getting out of his truck. The X-ray on admission showed that George has sustained a compound fracture of his right ankle, which required an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) to repair. Surgery was completed this morning and George has returned to the ward from the Operating theatres 2 hours ago. George social history include:

      •        ETOH (Alcohol) usage on a regular basis

      •        Smoker, averages 15 cigarettes per day

      •        Often consumes take away/ fast food diet as away from home regularly

      •        Sedentary lifestyle, Little to no exercise

Mr McFarlane is 118kg and 180cm in height. Current vital signs Resp 26, O2 Sats 97% on room air (RA), BP 170/90, HR 110, Temp 37.

Question  3

While you are completing George’s post-operative observations, he states that he is feeling tight in the chest and a little breathless.

a)       Explain what you think might be happening to George. Provide a rationale for your response. When you report the situation to the RN, they request that you record a 12 lead ECG on George

b)      In your own words, describe the steps in completing a 12 lead ECG (remember to include in your response dignity and privacy considerations)

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