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Question: mr l 70 years old si sent to hospital after...

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Mr. L, 70 years old si sent to hospital after visiting his physician with increasing painful muscle cramps after ambulating. He also hast rest pain and a non-healing ulcer of the big toe on the right foot. He lives alone and his medical history is significant for hypertension.

Dx: Peripheral artery disease

  • VS q4h
  • I&O
  • Pedal pulse check q4h
  • Bed rest with Bathroom privileges
  • CBC, Electrolytes
  • Insert saline lock
  • Dressing changes: clean uncerated area on right lateral ankle with NS - apply dry sterile 4x4 dressing
  • Diet: soft
  • Routine med: Pentoxifylline 400 mg po tid; Dipyridamole 50 mg po tid; Tylenol plain i to ii tabs for pain

Based on the management of clients with peripheral vascular and lymphatic disorders answer the following questions:

  1. What else would you do in this situation with Mr. L?
  2. What other options or alternatives would you explore and why for Mr. L?
  3. What referrals might you make for Mr. L at this time?
  4. Who else on the interprofessional team would you involve in Mr. L’s care?
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