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Mr. Q is a 28 year old Olympic freestyle wrestler'who recently finished second in a state level
competition. He stated he was leading until the final I minute of his 5 minute match when he was
taken down by the eventual winner. He is interested in improving his ability to quickly tackle and
lift his opponents and to avoid becoming excessively fatigued during the final minutes ofhis match.
His next competition is in 3 months. He has no injuries or medical history that would limit his
ability to participate in a training program.

a) You decide to assess Mr. Q's paraspinal muscle power. List one (1) test would you perform and
justify why you have chosen it. (2 marks)

b) You decide to give Mr Q two (2) exercises to improve lower limb muscle power that may
improve his ability to wrestle.

1. Briefly describe the exercises that you have chosen and state your quantification of
exercise variables. (4 marks)

2. Provide a short explanation to justify your section of each of the exercises. (3

3. Briefly describe one (1) progression of each exercise that will also challenge lower
limb proprioception. (2 marks)

d) Mr Q describes being unable to control his opponent's upper body. It appears that his upper
extremities to do not have sufficient strength. You decide to assess Mr Q's upper extremity

1. List one (1) test that you would perform to evaluate his upper limb strength and
justify why you have chosen it. (2 marks)

2. Briefly describe one (1) exercise that you prescribe Mr Q to improve his upper limb
strength and one (1) progression of this exercise. (2 marks)

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