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Question: mr q is a 28 year old olympic freestyle wrestlerwho...

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Mr. Q is a 28 year old Olympic freestyle wrestler'who recently finished second in a state level
competition. He stated he was leading until the final I minute of his 5 minute match when he was
taken down by the eventual winner. He is interested in improving his ability to quickly tackle and
lift his opponents and to avoid becoming excessively fatigued during the final minutes ofhis match.
His next competition is in 3 months. He has no injuries or medical history that would limit his
ability to participate in a training program.

e) You would like to prescribe Mr Q an exercise program to improve his anaerobic cardiovascular
fitness to prevent the onset of fatigue during his wrestling matches.

1. List one (1) test you would perform to assess his anaerobic fitness and justify your
selection. (2 mark)
2. What type of training program would you recommend to improve his anaerobic
cardiovascular fitness? Please justify your selection. (2 marks)
3. Mr Q has informed you he has less than 30 minutes per day for additional training.
Based on your answer in part B of this question, outline a training program that he
can perform independently. (10 marks)

4. What adaptation is responsible for improvements in anaerobic cardiovascular
endurance and Mr Q's ability to work at higher intensities? (1 mark)

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