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MT is a 45-year-old female who lives alone. She has a history of Crohn’s disease that is relatively well controlled. She is currently in the hospital for the treatment of longstanding anemia. Upon assessment, MT reports that her appetite ‘comes and goes’. She states that food has lost its flavor and that she is not interested in eating. When she does it, she reports having mostly snack foods such as chips, crackers, and yogurt. She eats very little fruit and no vegetables. MT is 58kg, 5’ 4” tall and a non-smoker.

  1. MT has a history of Crohn’s disease. What is the pathophysiology and etiology of Crohn’s disease? What does Crohn’s affect and what are possible treatments for Crohn’s disease?
  1. What additional nutritional recommendations does MT need based upon her history of Crohn’s disease?
  1. MT states food has lost its flavor. What are potential causes of this?
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