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Mthb ta ti ctt.i n air a. ges pruh heoos eev ify。 .1 t r 0 suo bnac g1re sro efdf 70 il 1 aylahtaeeo dg s niic2 it ehgh faa calll ly ho” d cop ortst 7 kuu no,a . ah o c a ti 10pav ve o A sano its att to at ro li li-f 0 al ion ica a re nd ill w ali tio i ay, s. of he the pro ces hat ve ies e-ne ene hahParte A Chiara will be asked by Alissa Mattei about her opinion of the dissatisfactory performance of extra-virgin olive oil in Latin America in 2018. Help her to identify the main reasons of the dissatisfactory performance, considering that Bertolli sells one-liter bottles. (hints: calculate the potential market, the primary demand, the first level gap, the opportunity gaps and the level of market absorption. Provide the %. Interpret the results of the analysis). Parte B: Based on the results from Part A, which is the best strategy Bertolli could use during the Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil project to decrease the first order potential gaps? In Latin America, should Bertolli concentrate first on non-consumer gap, occasion of usage gap, or dose gap? Please help the company to set up the advertising policy by providing a brief for the Communication Agency, to support the designing of the ad (copy strategy) Beside communication, how can Bertolli differentiate from competitors in terms of price, packaging and channel distribution? How can they use wisely omnichannel strategies? 1. 2. 3.

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