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Question: multchoice 1 a person with a severe brain injury has...

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1. A person with a severe brain injury has difficulty coordinating his movements. Injury to which part of his brain is likely to be causing his difficulties?

a. medulla
b. amygdala
c. cerebellum
d. thalamus

2. When a previously neutral stimulus acquires the ability to elicit a response as a result of being paired with another stimulus that naturally or automatically produces the response.

a. operant conditioning has occurred
b. aversive conditioning has occurred
c. classical conditioning has occurred
d. observational learning has occurred

3. A hallucination is best characterized as a [n]
a. imaginary sensation
b. loss of motivation
c. lack of energy
d. false belief

4. Short fibers that branch out from the cell body and receive incoming messages are called
a. terminal branches
b. axons
c. dendrites
d. myelin sheaths

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