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Question: multchoice 1 an example of the survey research method is...

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1. An example of the survey research method is a biographical study of a serial

a. Study of aggression in children by observation through one-way mirros
b. Poll of voter attitudes in a presidential election
c. Biographical study of a serial killer
d. Study of the relationship between weight and blood pressure in 100 men

2. Punishment is most effective if

a. there is a delay between the behavior and the punishment
b. it occasional follows the behavior
c. it consistenlty follows the behavior
d. it comes immediately before the behavior

3. If you study assigned material until you feel you know all of it, and then review it several times, you will be practicing the study method of

a. overlearning
b. spaced practice
c. massed practice
d. rehearsal

4. The independent variable in an experiment is
a. The subject himself
b. The variable that the experimenter chooses to manipulate
c. Any i wanted variable that may negatively affect the subjects performance
d. A measure of the subjects behavior

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