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Question: multchoice 1 kevin is a good student he studies hard...

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1. .Kevin is a good student. He studies hard because when he does he gets the teacher's approval. His desire to do well academically was influenced by

a. unconditioned stimuli
b. operant conditioning
c. classical conditioning
d. respondent conditioning

2. Resistance to and recovery from illness, including a heart attack, are helped by
a. Type a behavior
b. the release of catecholamines and corticosteriods
c. the availability of social support
d. an external locus of control

3. Which of the following is an example of using self-reference, episodic memory, to improve retrieval?
a. Remembering the time you went to the planetarium and saw a video about out solar system
b. Creating a poem which includes the names of the planets
c. Fitting the names of the planets into only two of the spaces in your short-term memory
d. Repeating the names of the planets twenty tiems

4. Gender identity is

a. a psychological feeling of being male or female
b. achieved during puberty
c. biological
d. shaped by the media during early childhood

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