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Question: multchoice 1 sam recently moved to a new city and...

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1. Sam recently moved to a new city and has had to learn many new telephone numbers. Now he has difficulty remembering the numbers of his old friends in his former location. Forgetting is most likely due to

a. interference
b. decay
c. massed practice
d. encoding faiure

2. In repression, unconscious and disturbing sexual and aggressive impulses are

a. focused on a weaker person
b. transformed into another impulse
c. returned to an earlier stage
d. kept from the conscious mind

3. Which of the following is the best example of naturalistic observation?

a. watching children play in a park and recording their behavior
b. conducting sleep reaserch in a laboratory
c. interviewing college students about their study habits
d. comparing headache reports from two groups listening to different types of music

4. After classical conditioning has occurred, if the conditioned stimulus (tone) is repeatedly presented alone, without the unconditioned stimulus (food), the conditioned response (salivation) will

a. discriminate
b. generalized
c. weaken
d. strengthen

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