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mult-choice psy

1. A negative correlation coefficient means

a. there is no relationship between two variables
b. nothing, a mistake has been made
c. there is a direct relationship. as one variable increases, the other also increases or becomes larger
d. as one variable tends to increase or become larger, the other decreases or become simaller

2. Which of the following statements about suicide is true?

a. women are more likely to attempt suicide than men
b. men attempt suicide more often than women
c. married people are more at risk for suicide than single people
d. most suicides take place with little or no warning

3. Major depression, serious medical illness, substanc abuse, personal failure, and personal loss are risk factors for

a. suicide
b. somatoform disorders
c. personality disordes
d. bipolar disorder

4. Henry does not steal jelly beans from his sister's Easter basket because he is afraid his mother will spank him if he does. Henry's thinking best represents the _________ level of moral development, according to Kohlberg

a. postconventional
b. preconventional
c. conventional
d. concrete

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