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mutl-choice psy

1. During the _____ stage of the general adaptation syndrome, the emotions are aroused and the body prepares its defense systems to respond

a. resistance
b. alarm
c. exhaustion
d. avoidance

2. In human development, the longest period of prenatal development is the

a. germinal period
b. period of the zygote
c. period of the embryo
d. fetal period

3. Which of the following would be stored in procedural or nondeclrative memory ?

a. knowing how to ride a bicycle
b. your birthdate
c. the meaning of "hypothalamus
d. mathematic formulas

4. Personality theories that view behavior as the interaction on mental processes, past behavior, and the immediate environment belong to which of the following perspectives?

a. psychodynamic
b. social-cognitive
c. humanistic
d. personality

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