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Question: my basic electircal engineering professor assigned this homework after just...

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My Basic Electircal Engineering professor assigned this homework after just going over the syllabus so I’m not really sure what’s going on if anyone could help it’d be appreciated!! Questions 1-4 please
Thank you!
Basic EE 4400:307-001 Homework Assignment #1 Quiz: Wednesday 23 January 2019 PI. Review of linear algebra. Find the solution (x,y,z) to the following system of equations: a) 2x-y 2 3x +4y -5z 2 x +6y +3z 24 6y +7z- 6, P2. Review of complex arithmetic, Define the imaginary number j Recall hah any complex number may be defined in rectangular form by its real and imaginary parts, as (a +jb), or in polar form by its magnitude and angle in the complex plane, as (ro a) Convert 2 + j3 to polar coordinates. b) Convert 10260° to rectangular coordinates c) Express the sum (2+j3)+ (10260°) in rectangular form d) Express the product (2 + j3)(10260 ) in polar form. Note: Show your work/steps clearly to receive full credit P3. Practice integrating Suppose x(t) 1 for 2st and x(t) 0 for all other t. a) Sketch (t) for 0sts4. b) Find and Sketch the x(t) for 0sts4 Assume x(0)-0 c) Find and Sketch the equation ofx(taro tst Assume x(0)=1. Note: Show your steps of your wodkand explain how i(t) and x(t) are calculated. P4. A made-up problem abouta mar mechanical device. The picture below represents a little water pump. water pump is designed to deliver -0.1 liter/s at a gauge pressure Pout 100kPa. operation, a partial blockage of the output piping downstream causes the flow to decrease to = 0.05 liter/s, and the pump output pressure to increase to Put = 150kPa Assume the relationship between Pout and V is linear, that is, the graph of Pout vs. V is a straight line. a) Sketch the graph of Pout Vs. V b) Using the graph, find the value of Pout if the output piping becomes completely blocked (V 0).
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