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MY PROGRESS-31% O Mentoring Moment: Research Types Defining the research problem and research objectives is often regarded as the most difficult step in the marketing research project. Although this step is challenging, it is critically important because it is impossible to solve problems that have not been clearly defined. With the research problem defined, researchers must decide on the type of research they will pursue to generate the data they need. The three types of research (also called objectives) are exploratory, descriptive, and causal Drag and drop the problem description into the type of research that would most likely be used to generate the appropriate data. When youve classified all the descriptions, click SubmitExploratory Descriptive Causal Thirsty athletes: Greg needs to understand how the consumption of sports drinks varies by geographical region. Hypotheses help: Joes research problem is still not clearly defined, and he needs to generate some hypotheses for his research. High heels: Sophia wants to know if she can increase the sales of shoes in her boutique by moving the display from the back of the store to next to the registers. Yoga love: Gema wants to open a yoga studio in her hometown, but first she wants to understand how her hometowns residents feel about practicing yoga. Price hike: Wei wants to understand what would happen to his sales if he increased the cost of his app from $0.99 to $1.99Distinctive coffee: Sierra wants to expand her menu by offering specialty coffees and needs to come up with ideas for creative flavors.

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