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myasucourses.asu.edu -19 A Computer Science and Engineering Department CSE 110 -Assignment Maximum Points: 20 What this Assignment Is About: Using Classes and Objects (The String class)-Chapter 3 Using condition al (i, r-ese) statements-Chapter 4 Your programming assign ments require lndividual work and effort to be ofany benefit. Every student must work indepemdentdy on his or her assignments. You must work akose on the assignments-no collaboration of any kind is pemmited. You cannot use Google, StackOverflow, Zookal or any other on-line resources to look up for the solution. Sharing your assignments with others in any way is NOT permited. Violations of the University Academic Integrity policy will not he ignored Use the following Coding Guidelines: Give idanidiers semantic meaning and make them casy to read texamples num Student, grossPay, etc) User upwer case for constantU title case ind leer is upper case) for classes. Use lewer case with Use twhs er spaces to indent code withis blocks tade sunounded by braco) This inclades classes, .Keep idatifiens to a reasetubly shart lengrh methods, and code assoisted with i,switches and loops Be com wih the number of paces or tals Use white space to make your progam mw reatble . Use comments aAa ปe endag brage of claws, m thd-and Mads to identify to Ich Nock belongs Important Notr Al the beginning of each programming assigsmst you mu st have a coment b lock with the Sollowing information AUTHOR: your name FILENAME utde of the source file SPECIFICATION description of the rogr YOUR Lab Letter for your Closed lab rost CSE 110. homework g. days and tink of your dans Part 1: Written Exercises: (7.pts) MacBook Air F1O
yeten.out.peitiExcelleat Syatem.eut.pritinTou can de better1 Systen, out.primti(Tay harder Syaten.eut.priatini Try much hade Sywtem.aut.prlotlal Tey another t Part 2: Programming:13 points The pagrm hould read in the waring and ring in h the necond string Please enter anther sng MacBook Air 4 FIo
Window Help Tue 10 myasucourses.asu.edu The rt sting is leicaly male Apple is P is o The midde character of the The Sat character of the strin The concatenaltion of two sing APPLE ORANGE The shing wilth less number of characters is apple Try you progum with the tellewing imput tet cans Grading Rabrik (20 pt Part 1-so partial points(7 p) Descriptive variablessane & Propar conmeats inside the program and the peogran is easy tring values MacBook Air
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