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Question: n intertidal areas because they cement themselves to 27 mates...

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n intertidal areas Because they cement themselves to 27 mates. How do you think they reproduce? 27) Barnacles are sessile crustaceans that live i their substrates, they cant get up and move to find m A) with very long penises B) asexually C) by releasing eggs and sperm into the wates high tides nized into distinct 28) 25) Which protostome phylum is distinguished by having body segments orga B) Mollusca regions? D) Nematoda A) Arthropoda C) Annelida 29) Which of the following attributes is not shared by arthropod ex exoskeletons and mollusk shells? ) A) They provide protection from predators. B) They eliminate the need for a hydrostatic skeleton. C) They help retain moisture in terrestrial habitats D) None of the above answers apply 30) The evolution of the limb in chordates has generally lied to A) decreased diversity of movement types, asanimals evolve toward a single most efficient way of moving B) increased diversity of movement types, as animals evolve to fill different niches 31) If the abumen were removed from an amniotic egs what would happen to the embryo inside? 31) A) The embryo would suffer from lack of nutrients B) The embryo would have nowhere to excrete waste C) The embryo would suffer from lack of water. D) The embryo would have difficulty respiring E The embryo would develop normally 32 32) The sections of echinoderm tube feet that project outside the body are called D) podia A) endoskeleton C) postiums 33) In a terrestrial habitat that has undergone several consecutive years of drought, which animal 33) population would you expect to be most negatively affected? A) mice B) frogs C) turtles D) birds E) lizards 34) 34) When the HIV virus infects people, it does not immediately induce AIDS and kill ts host. When people die from AIDS it is because A) They have few T cells and cannot fight off secondary infections. B) They have too many HIV particles in their lymph system. C) They have too many T cells, and this overwhelms their immune systems. 35) Which of the following statements applies to the lysogenic cycle? 35 A) The viral genome integrates into the host cells genome B) Viral particles are produced. C) Viral proteins are made and used to replicate the viral genome. D) When the celi divides, the viral genome is frequently lost A-5
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