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Question: name brain study techniques name 3 types of neuronal stain...

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Name BRAIN STUDY TECHNIQUES Name 3 types of neuronal stain that are injected live, but then examined in brain tissue slices Creating or exploiting brain damage to determine if that area is necessary to a certain function Method used to generate, for example, the Penfield Map of somatosensory cortex in live patients Do all three of the above get good spatial or temporal resolution? Which of the above yeld Information on brain FUNCTION Using a electrode cap technique detects the electrical dipoles generated by changing electrical potentials Does the above record localized over thousands of neurons? n electrical activity or summation of The time-locked average of many EEG trials to factor out other brain activity &focus on a particular response Detectionofnaurally occurring changes in magnetic fields created by brain activity (complementary to EEG) Devise used to measure extremely weak magnetic fields, such as those produced by brain activity Of the above four techniques, which requires confining the subject in a large apparatus? Of the above four techniques, which has the best spatial resolution? Of the above four techniques,which is the most expens ive? Aspect of MRI that involves using pulse of radio waves to make hydrogen protons gyrate in bodys fluid Aspect of MRI that involves the release of energy when the protons are allowed to return to naturaf alignment Example of a neurological disease revealed by MRs capacity to distinguish white from grey matter Technique that makes use of the diff in how oxygenated vs s deoxygenated hemoglobin more likely to be found at Active or Non-active sites in the brain? What does the T in TMRI stand for Patient is injected wiradioactive fluid that is absorbed wiglucose into active cells & detected as gamma hemoglobin in blood respond to magnetic fields Patient is injected wradioactive fluild that Technique using 2-D x-rays of tissues that vary in how x-rays penetrate, to build up 3-D image of above four scanning techniques, best to worst, for detail resolution
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