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Question: name brianna age 19 gender female family lives with roomates...

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Name: Brianna

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Family: Lives with Roomates

Occupation: College Freshman

Presenting Problem: Disturbed Eating

Case Summary: Brianna started dieting as soon as she got to college, hoping to avoid weight gain during her freshman year. However, what started as watching what she ate soon progressed into disordered eating. Brianna was happy with her weight loss and didn’t think there was anything wrong with her eating habits. The problem was identified, though, when she had to get a physical exam to join an intramural soccer team.

The physician calculated her body mass index (BMI) was concerned about her eating habits. The doctor then asked Brianna to describe her eating habits in her own words. Briana responded that she would most often eat small amounts of food throughout the day and then binge at certain times. The doctor documents her eating habits and BMI.

Eating Habits: Patient subsists on about 800 calories, binge eating on no more than 200 calories at a time. Patient induces vomiting and laxative use after her binge-eating episodes.

Height: 5’10                Weight: 120 lb


Brianna was honest with the physician but doesn’t want to start eating any more food because she is deathly afraid of gaining weight. Since everyone knows her as a thin person, she thinks she will lose friends if she gains weight. She also thinks she could look better if she lost a little bit more weight.

2. Diagnostic Criteria Checklist: Some of the symptoms associated with various eating disorders are listed below. Select all that are present in Brianna’s case:

a. Eats an amount of food in a short period that is larger than someone would normally eat

b. Engages in purging

c. Does not maintain a minimum, normal body weight

d. Eats large amounts of food when not hungry

e. The absence of compensatory behaviors

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