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NAME How do cell make the BIOCHEMISTRY: Compare& contrast the major biological molecules of living organisms on earth Definition/ Monomers marcomolecule Template or no synonyms) Glucose Starch, Energy storage, Enzymes C, H,O Carbohydrate Sugars Carbohydrates Sugars & (no template) Cellulose Chitin sugars signaling Lipid Protein Nucleic Acids- DNA Nucleic Acids- RNA Note: It is important that you learn in a deep way that allows you to remember for the rest of your life, the structure, functional groups, monomers and functions of the major biological molecules, carbohydrate, lipid, protein, DNA, and RNA. Learn this information up one side and down the other. Know this in your sleep. The single largest complaint of faculty in upper division courses is that their students dont understand this information- they cant tell the difference between transcription and translation or between DNA, RNA, and proteins. Be sure to learn this...youll need to know this information in just about every biology class from here on. Modified from Wright & Decker 2010. UMN.
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