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Question: name plus list six important nts with their abbreviations and...

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Name PLUS List six important NTs (with their abbreviations) and three important hormones DEVELOPMENT In the new embryo, the outermost Layer of cells-becomes the nervous system and skin In the r of to curl towards each other The long hollow chamber that is formed when the above meet and tuse; Inner surface becomes the CNS Outer surface of the above ridges that separate off and become the PNS Apathological condition invoving a failure of the edges above to completely fuse, leading to birth defects or death source of cells of nervous The original type of ceilis in this area that undergo division to populate the nervous system General term for the ction of new cells Cel division that produces two identical offspring vs, produces one identical and one new (neuron or gial) coll n to their later An early type of glial cell that extends its processes out like wheel spokes for the developing neurons to move along The process by which neurons form new connections he Chemicals that attract/repel Axon growth, help prevent cell death, and/or promote Axonal branching Coll Death as determined by suicide genes that cause developing neurons to package their contents&destroy thems learning, etc New outgrowths on, or subdividing of, the processes that receive A mnemonic for the rule that co-activated cells tend to be strengthened in their connectivity and out-compete neighboring cels NT, in response to an enriched enviomment
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