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Name: Section 1. Explai n in your own words how the mechanism of natural selection causes populations to evolve over time. 2. One occur is trait variation. Where do new of the necessary conditions for natural selection to traits come from? Provide an example of natural selection by briefly explaining how MRSA appeared as a result of it. 3.
4. Wha t is the difference between artificial selection and natural selection? 5. Why do your experiment methods include an agar plate with an untreated diffusion disk in gar plate with a streptomycin-treated diffusion disk? Note that its a controlis not a sufficient explanation. Your bacteria will spend time in a 4 ℃ room after 24 hours at 37 ℃ in an incubator. What would happen to your bacteria if left in a 37 C environment for an entire week? 6. 7. What limits the maximum number of individuals in a test tube or on an agar plate? 8. Why is it important to lift the lid of agar plates and treatment dishes no more than 45? 9. Referring to Figure 2.10, what shape are the E. coli on the slide you 10. Are E. coli gram-positive or gram-negative, and how do you know?
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