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Question: name springassignment 110 points anatomy and physiology i spm 271...

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Name: Spring-Assignment #1(10 points) Anatomy and Physiology I (SPM 271) Directions A. Answer the following 10 questions. Answers must be placed in the boxes provided B. Answers can be found in the textbook and notes. You will have to search. C. Answers must be clear, concise and specific: No sentences, just words-No exceptions. D. Note due date on syllabus. Grading explained in syllabus. Provide the most appropriate term that describes the following definitions or statements 1. What is a broad term that is used for all chemical reactions that occur within the body? 1. Which type of computer-assisted X-ray technique provides an unobstructed view of small arteries? 2. 2. 3. These types of cells are responsible for gathering information and controlling bodily 3. The tendency of molecules or ions to move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration is called what? 4. 5. Centrioles forming the bases of cilia and flagella are commonly referred to as what? 5. What is the term for the layer of extracellular material containing a fine network of collagen protein fibers that is located deep to the basal lamina? 6. 6. 7. What type of adipose cell contains mitochondria? 7. This type of response is a relatively nonspecific reaction that develops quickly wherever tissues are injured 8. 8. 9. Sebaceous glands produce and oily substance that is referred to as whar? 9. % of the entire bodys blood 10. 10. The dermal vascular supply is extensive and can hold about Page I of l
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