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Name, Surname: Student ID number: Design a mathematical model (7P) A box without cover is made from a material that costs $1.25 per square meter for the sides and $2.31 per square meter for the bottom f its width, height 4.1. Express the total cost of the material required to construct the box in function o and depth. (2P) 4.2. How function will change, if box can be constructed of both materials (can be mixea Given system(15P): mixed)? (5P) 5. A company assembles four products (w, x, y, 2) from delivered components. The pro per unit for each product (w, x, y, z) is s2, s7, S11 and $9 respectively. The maximum demand in the week for each product (w, x, y, z) is 75, 92, 105 and 30 units respectiver There are three stages (., ,II) in the assembly of each product and the hours neded lor each stage per unit of product are shown: Product The nominal time available in the week for assembly at each stage (I, II, III) is 50, 130 and 90 hours respectively I 0.5 3 2 1 II3 2 1 2.5 III 1 1.2 5 0.5 5.1. Name all possible system states (3P) 5.2. Name a system part, what would be controlled? Explain, How and Why? (3P) 5.3. Give a mathematical model to find total amount of assembled products. (3P) 5.4. Give previously designed (from 5.3) mathematical model in matrix form. (3P) 5.5. Give two different examples for failsafe operations in such system. Explain them. (3P)

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