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Natheline Dor 1-8. Identification of form of business. 1-7. Identification of form of business For each of the following, insert a capital letter to identify which form of business the item represents. Use the letter A for proprietorship, B for partnership, or C for corporation. At the end of the 1. Georgette Green begins a pet care business by investing $5,000. year, she will include the business income or loss on her personal income tax return. 2. Additional paid-in capital for the Trailblazer Company is $8 per share. 3. Bronson Compaunyresents a statement of reasind carnings in is financial statements at year-end. 4. Jean Johnsons home health care business does not have liability separate from herself. 5, Grand Canyon Companys retained earnings balance is S5 million. 6. Jim Moore and his daughter, Jerra Moore, agree that 60% of their companys net profit 7. Michael Johnson and Joaquin Nunoz each invested $10,000 in their computer will go to Jim and 40% ofthe net profit will go to Jem. consulting business, and received shares of the companys stock in exchange for their investments. 8. Tamara Bryants veterinary clinic has separate liability. She is the only owner. 9. Alan and David Washington own an automobile repair garage. Alans capital balance is $8,000 and Davids capital balance is $7,000. 10. Crown Candy Company presents a statement of owners capital in its annual financial statements.
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