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Need answer for 2 nd 3 rd and fourth
Homework in probability theory Variant 3 2 contains red balls, 6 blue balls, and 4 white balls. are taken from the box. Consider the following events D) the second ball is red E) the second ball is blue F) the second ball is white A) the first ball is red B) the first ball is blue C) the first ball is white Find the following a) p(A)-? g) p(E/A Find probabilities to take a) 2 red balls b)2 blue balls We have taken 2 balls form the box. What are probabilities that we have a) at least one red ball b) at least one blue ball )at least one white ball 2. c) one blue ball and one white ball tak en 3 different factories, 70% are manufactured by 1st factory. 4. We have components manufactured by 20%-by 2nd factory, and 10%-by 3rd factory. 1st factory gives 0.5% of nonstandard components 2nd factory-2%, and 3rd factory-5%. We take one of these components. a) Find probability that component we have taken does not correspond to standards. Component really does not correspond to standards. Find probability that it is manufactured b) by Ist factory c) by 2nd factory d) by 3rd factory
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