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Need answer of question 6 please
of five stages 5. Post-purchase behaviour (which may involve cog Every time we make a purchase decision, no matter how s stages. What varies is the amount of time n 214 CHAPTER S COST.VOLUME PROFIT ANALYSIS AND BREAK-EVEN 204 1 and materials to serve each of these entrees How many entrees does the restaurant need to sell to ions, round (a) How mu 00 Quickprint Services operates the contril (b) How muck ness need ts (c) Asa result α nsurance ra franchises, where it prints brochures, business cards, and stationery. It plans to sell s0 jobs next week, at an sirsase cot of 52 each Its wekly6y Phoo $1840 (a) How much must Quickprint charge for each job to break even? 45%, and as a (b) If it wishes to make a protit of $1200, what (e) If it yells 90 jobs at the price determined in how much profit will be (dyfi Quickprint sells 100 jobs through a spe- the business realized? a spe-(d) It the same num projected, varial but the tised α If the price of t the same. cial promotion, what is the minimum price it could charge to break even? 7. L0000 Maritime Insurance projected revenue of $2 995 200, total variable costs of $778 752 and fixed costs of $1 962 000 for the next year SELF-TEST 1. The Superior Jumpdrive Company sells jump drives for cost is $2.60 per jump drive, marketing coss ane $2 40 p $18 000 Capacity is 15 000 jump drives are y% ofthe selling price. The find cot of! (6) the contribution margin (ii) the contribution rate (b) Compute the break-even poimt (i) in unit (i) in dollars (ii) as a percent of capacity (c) Draw a detailed brcak-even chans (d) Determine the break-even pount in
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