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pipaiu i pait a be aftected by this additional information? CISE 11.4 nds: Preferred ommon A portion of the stockholders equity section from the balance sheet of Walland Corporation appears as follows: Stockholders equity Preferred stock, 9% cumulative, $50 par, 40,000 shares Preferred stock, 12% noncumulative, $100 par, 8,000 Common stock, $5 par, 400,000 shares authorized, issued, Assume that all the stock was issued on January 1 and that no dividends were paid during the first two years of operation. During the third year, Walland Corporation paid total cash dividends of $736,000 Compute the amount of cash dividends paid during the third year to each of the three classes of stock a. pute the dividends paid per share during the third year for each of the three classes of stock. Com What was the average issue price of each type of preferred stock? b. c.
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