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Question: need detailed answer and explanation of q2...

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NEED Detailed answer and explanation of Q2

Using Equation 3.70c or 3.70d, evaluate the energy generated in a 3411 MWh PWR after the reactor shuts down. The reactor operated for 1 year at the equivalent of 75% of total power. 1. Consider the following time periods after shutdown: b.1 day c. 1 month 2. How would your answers be different if you had used Equation 3.71(i.e., would higher or lower values be calculated)? Show your work. = 0.066[(τ-rs)-0.2-r-0.2] 3.70c 0 3.70d ー= 0.1[(t-rs + 10)-0.2ー(τ + 10 )-0.2 + 0.87G + 2x107)-0.2 3.71 0 0.87(τ-τ, t 2x107)-0.2] Answers: 1a. O. 128 TJ (ITI 1b. 1.42 TJ 1c. 14.8 TJ 2. Higher 1012 J)

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