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es Mailings ReviewView AaBbCcDdE AaBbCcDdE AaBb Normal No Spacing Headin concepts addressed on warmup assignments are fair game for exams PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME: 1) Using your own words, explain why adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is important to cells Shown to the right is a molecule of ATP. Which portion of the molecule is considered to be the high energy portion? Highlight/bold your answer 2) Portion A Portion 8 Portion C 3) The electron transport chain produces Lless or more or the same amount) of ATPs as compared to glycolysis. 4) in your own words, explain the role of each of the following during aerobic electron transport chain ETC). Hint: See pp. 160-165 in your text. (a) ADP (b) ATP Synthase (c) Complexes I through IV (d) Cytochrome C (e) Electrons
Respiration Pt 2 Warmup [Compatibility Mode] References Mailings Review View Normal No Spacing Heading 1 () FADH2 8) H+ h) NADH 5) (a) Respiration and fermentation are two ways of generating ATP in a cell. In your own words (and using no more than two sentences), explain how ATP generation in respiration differs in respiration as compared to fermentation. Hint: See pp. 160-167 in your text. Aerobic respiration uses the electron transport chain and 02 and produces around 30 ATPS per lucose molecule. While fermentation does not use electron transport chain nor 02 and only produces two ATP per glucose molecule b) Some cells do a type of fermentation called ethanol fermentation. During this process, the cell generates ethanol as a result of regenerating what important molecule? Ic) Consider the molecule you named in the previous question. Explain why this molecule is so important? (d) Consider the ethanol thats produced during ethanol fermentation. Does the cell (the one that produced the ethanol) use that ethanol for anything?
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