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QUESTION S 130 MARKS A railroad car of mass 3000 kg travelling at a velocity of v 20 m/s is stopped at the end of the tracks by the spring-damper system as shown in Figure Q5 below. The stiffiness of the spring is k 80N/mm and the (a) damping constant is c 35 N-s/mm. ) Evaluate the maximum displacement of the car after engaging the (14 Marks) springs and damper. (ii) The time required to achieve the maximum displacement. (2 Marks) 2k Figure Q5 A torsional pendulum has a natural frequency of 200 cycles/min when vibrating in a vacuum. The mass moment of inertia of the disc is 0.2 kgm2. It is then immersed in the oil and its natural frequency is found to be 180 cycles/min. Design the damping constant. If the disc, when placed in oil, is given an initial displacement of 2°, evaluate its displacement at the end of the first cycle (b) (14 Marks)
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