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Question: need help creating this program in either c or c...

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Consider the Even-Less-Simple-Substitution cipher. Write a program (using a programming language of your choice) that can cryptanalyze this cipher. Your program should take a ciphertext input in the form of a file, and figure out the key and output the plaintext(s) in the form of another file. This could be accomplished in a semi-automated manner (i.e., a human can guide your program by providing some suggestions at runtime). You can use any resource you need (programming libraries, English dictionary, etc.) to accomplish this task. Demonstrate that your technique works for different ciphertext input files. Submit the following to Blackboard by the deadline as single zip file with the file name <LastNameFirstName>.zip A one to two page report detailing the team composition, each members task(s), minutes from each meeting among the team mates, and the overall approach that was taken to solve this problem (a) (b) The source code.
Even-less-Simple Substitution Key is some permutation of letters Need not be a shift For example Plaintext a b c def g h ikoW □ Then 26/> 288 possible keys!Need help creating this program in either C or C++ please!
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