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Question: need help on part b part a is 087 please...

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An ideal Rankine cycle with reheat uses water as the working fluid. As shown in the figure below, the conditions at the inlet to the first turbine stage are 1600 lbf/in., 1200°F and the steam is reheated to a temperature of T3 800°F between the turbine stages at a pressure of p3 P2 600 lbf/in.2 3 T Reheat section P2 Steam Turbine 1 Turbine 2 P 1600 Iblin2 P%*-160 in Condenser Pump Ps P O (saturated liquid For a condenser pressure of p5 = P4 = 5 lbf/in.2, determine: (a) the quality of the steam at the second-stage turbine exit. (b) the cycle percent thermal efficiency.
Need help on part b. Part a is 0.87. Please show all work and table calculations.
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