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MacBook Air Problem 2 (5 points) te a worksheet called Productivity for a call center will let a manager enter . Number of operators per week Average number of hours per operator . The total calls placed . The number of those calls that were unsuccessful (non-productive) . The typical continuous work time for an employee before a break The typical break time before continuing with another work segmert The example shown captures the following scenario: :During a week in a call center 12 operators Productivity: 4.66 Calls per operator-hour work an average of 20 hours each They complete total of 1326 calls, 22 of which are unsuccessful. After 3 4 Operators continuously working the phones for an average of two 5 Hours per operator 6 Total Calls 7 Unsuccessful Calls 8 Work Segment (hours)2. and a half hours, a worker トー13391 221 takes an average 25 minute break before returning for another work session. What is hoe productivity in calls perBreak time (minutes)2 hour? Youll need to put appropriate formulas in the cell surrounded by dark lines so that it will properly compute the productivity for any reasonable values a manager enters in the shaded ce actually need to shade and include boxes -I just added that to help. Be sure that you never see an error Hints: Do the math on paper first and then create your calculator in Excel to solve productivity with all the possible inputs to the problem. Be careful with order of operations Solve on paper and compare to your Excel results to check your work. e . . Problem 3 (5 points): Drag (do not copy and paste the cells) the following sheets from your own (not someone elses-yes we can tell), Independent Work into this workbook. All parts should function properly per video in the independent work. Module 1a: o Workbook E1C o Workbook E3C Module 1b: o COG- IW 3 (from Location Planning with COG in Excel) o PiPhi Factor Analysis (from Factor Analysis with Excel) Module 2 o Workbook E6 Order the seven worksheets in the order asked in this homework before submitting

6101 PM MacBook Air MSIS3223 Homework 1/2 Modules 1-2 single XLSX file DUE to Dropbox by 8:00 a.m. 2/4 Important info copled from the CİD My MSIS3223 Grades AALB EF, G you must start withyour own blank workbook or one provided by the instructor; and neither refer to the spreadsheet of another person or allow your spreadsheet to be referenced by any other person. Colla or concept with other without showing your actual spreadsheet is OK, but allowing Syl Wt Score Weight 78.40| 10% 3 borating about process 4 Overall 90 91.288889 80 80.177778 70 69.066667 1 60 57.955556 others to see your work or copying any formula, structure, or numbers is not 6 Exams 71x1 16.7%) Problem 1 (10 points) 91X3 10 Name a worksheet Grades Create the 16.7% grade computer for this class in Excel. Your submission should reflect the requirements on your syllabus. A student should be able to enter his/her scores into the dashed areas 5 4% 11 Quizzes 12」Q21 13|Q22 14. Qz3 2.09 15: Q24 2.0%; 16, Q25 20% 17| Q26 2.0% 18| Q27 2.0%) 19- 201 Q29 2.0% 211 Q:10 2.0% 22 23 Q212 2.0% 2.0%) 0 8 and see their current weighted average at the top of the page, as well as the average for each category You should also compute what minimum score would be needed on the remaining work to achieve the grade breakpoints for each letter grade (90,80,70,60) but you should be able to enter other values in those dashed cells as well. Q28 2.0% The dashed areas are for user entries. Any reasonable value should work in these areas Q211 2.0%, 2.0% and any may be left blank. Outlined boxes should contain Excel formulas and reference values in other cells. Any of the individual item scores may be entered and deleted by 25 HW 26 | Hw1 27 | 28 | 29, 30 | HVV5 311 Hw6 32 33 PI 1001 4.0% 4.0% the user. /t should even correctly compute everything when nothing is entered in a category Hw2 Hw3 Hw4 4961100 4% 4%) I- You should not have an error in computed cells, no matter what is entered into the dashed cells, even if they are blank. Think IFERROR 4% 4%; 4%і 22: 2%)

***Need help on the formulas, how they are getting the numbers that they are getting***

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