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Question: need help physic problem part 14...

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Need Help!! Physic Problem part 1-4

An electron in a region in which there is an electric field experiences a force of <5 x 10-17,-1.5 x 10-16-35 x 1016, N. What is the electric field at the location of the electron? (Express your answer in vector form.) o16, -3.5 x 1016> N. What is the 0.3905 0.911 N/C

What is the electric field at a location b0.3, 0.3, -0.6> due to a particle with charge +7 nC located at <0.1, 0.4, 0.1> m? N/C

A charged particle located at the origin creates an electric field of <4.5 x 103, 0, 0> N/C at a location <b.46, 0, 0> m. What is the particles charge? the tolerance is +/-2%

The electric field at a particular location is measured to be <0,-250, 0> N/C. what force would a alpha particle experience if placed at this particular location? F=<

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