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Question: need help questions based on a topic please help me...

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Need help, questions based on a topic, please help me answer all. Thanks in advance.

Which Measure Is Better? a rathy feam fsta to 10 stars Analn f stares ost pmtns esreNert asperience. The ralings for sne day last nesthare shom in lhs 21a: S 9 1o ,ら a. Describe the distribution of the dot pist. Explkain b. How de you think the mean and nedlan of the data sot will aonpare? yrr c. Caiculate the mean and median Explain what they rrean in cloce e co terms of the problem sh d. Which measure of center do you think best ropresents this dafe? 2. The ratings of online shepping experience for 2 separate days are shown in the box-and-whisker plots. A rating of 1star represents a poor experience, and a rating of 10 stars represents an excellent experience Day Day 2 0 1 23 45 6 789 10 Number of stars a. Compare the bor and-whisker plots. Expiain what the shapes of the box-and-whaker plots say about the ratnge on each day b. Determine and compare the medlan for both days. Explin From Carnegie Course 3 assignments pgs 101-102 and Carnegie Course 3 vg 4/4/0

Houa wW the means compare to the mediass on eath of the days? Explan your reoing d How will the means for each day compare to eath ather? Exptn 3. Identily whith measure of central tendency nould be most aprapriate to destibe each giree gaph Then, detemine the mean and median, if possible, nt posshls,explaia why net. Ean in 4 2-29 3-3.9 4-4 Inches of Rain Particpente wiho Wan ecld Madials at the Specidl Oymice Central tendency explanation x XX x X X X x XX 10 11 12 13 14 Nurrver of aod Medals wion Vokuniteer Houry at the Local Animal Sheller Central tendency explanation 0 2 4 6810 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Hours per Week Carnegie Course 3 Assignments pgs 101-102 and Carnegie Course 3 pgs 477-478

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