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Need help summary the article? Differential Effects of Racial Socialization Messages for African American Adolescents: Personal Versus Institutional Racial Discrimination.

Racial socialization is one factor known to

attenuate the negative consequences of racial discrimination on adolescents’ anger and depressive symptoms.

However, little is known about whether racial socialization

messages addressing cultural and racial pride and messages

preparing youth for racial discrimination and racial barriers

function differently depending upon whether adolescents

perceive personal versus institutional racial discrimination.

Thus, the present study examined whether racial socialization messages emphasizing racial pride and racial barriers protected against anger and depressive symptoms for

African American adolescents’ experience of personal and

institutional racial discrimination. Participants were a

community sample of 106 urban African American adolescents (57 % girls; mean age = 15.41) residing in a large

metropolitan area. Regression analyses revealed that personal racial discrimination was positively associated with

anger for youth reporting low cultural pride reinforcement,

and positively associated with depressive symptoms for

youth reporting low cultural alertness to discrimination;

there were no associations between personal racial discrimination and anger or depressive symptoms for youth

reporting high racial socialization messages. Neither cultural pride nor racial barrier racial socialization message protected against institutional racial discrimination. Findings suggest that the protective effects of racial socialization messages vary based on the type of racial

discrimination adolescents experience.

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