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Question: need help understanding the following question using the known sucrose...

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Need help understanding the following question:

Using the known sucrose concentrations inside each of the tubing pieces and their respective beakers, identify whether the solution inside the tube was hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic in comparison to the beaker solution it was placed in.

I have the following data from the experiment:

Band Color    Sucrose % in Beaker     Sucrose % in Bag      Initial Volume (mL)     Final Volume (mL)      Net Displacement (mL)

Yellow                        3%                                30%                         10mL                             16mL                                  6mL

Red                            3%                                15%                       10mL                         13mL        3mL

Blue                           3%                                 3%                           10mL   10mL    0mL                       

Green                        30%                               3%                            10mL                              7mL                                  -3mL

Based off of what I've read, I concluded that the yellow and red were hypotonic, blue was isotonic, and green was hypertonic, however, in the question it states to find whether they are hypo, hyper or iso " inside the tube".

This has me confused. Is there a difference?

Thank you!

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