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Question: need help with a matlab problem...

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Need help with a MATLAB problem.

8 Boundary Length 1 - poly len(p, s, e) Now that you have the approximate fractal boundary, youll have to find its length. 8.1 Curve Length The curve length of a function is given by the formula for s, the path length df dx dx Polynomials of the form have a very easy derivate7 eal to so, the curve length derivative is df dx which can be directly used in 8.2 Numerical Integration Numerical integration is a well established branch of mathematics and its typically a bad idea to try and reimple- ment well established algorithms. 8.3 Implementation Write a function that uses MATLABs integral or Octaves quad to compute the curve length of a polynomial. Apply it to the fractal boundary. Youll need to write an anonymous function ds with only x as its arguments Name 1-poly len(p, s, e) Inputs p fitted polynomial coefficients . s left bound on . e right bound on x Outputs: l the curve length of the polynomialUse your function to find the approximate length of the fractal. Be very careful about bounds, fitted polynomials have a tendency to misbehave outside of the fitted range

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