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Need help with a,b, and c

MAE 243-Mechanics of Materials-Spring 2019 Paper-Based Homework 1 (20 Points) This homework is due Friday, January 18, 2019 at the beginning of the class on your instructors desk. Attach this problem sheet to your solution. To complete this homework, follow the guidelines given in the syllabus. The truss shown consists of horizontal members made of 2117-T4 aluminum alloy (oy 300 MPa) and the others made of A992 steel alloy (ay 345 MPa). The pins are made of A36 steel alloy (ty 125 MPa). The members, and 75 mm2 for the diagonal members. The diameter of the pin at C is 9 mm and that at D cross-section areas are 60 mm2 for the vertical members, 100 mm2 for the horizontal (a) Use statics to find the reactions and forces in all members. (b) Determine the normal stress in each member of the truss. (c) Determine the shear stress in the pins at C and D. (d) Determine the factor of safety of each member based on 0. (e) Determine the factor of safety of both pins based on ty. (f) Determine the overall factor of safety of the structure 2 m do bte sheas 1.5 m 8 KN
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