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Need help with all 6 questions
Todrick Company is a merchandiser that reported the following information based on 1,000 units sold Sales Beginning merchandise inventory Purchases Ending merchandise inventory Fixed selling expense Fixed administrative expense Variable selling expense Variable administrative expense Contribution margin Net operating income s 225,000 s 15,000 s 150,000 7,500 $ 9,000 $ 11,250 $45,000 13,500 Required: 1. Prepare a contribution format income statement. 2. Prepare a traditional format income statement. 3. Calculate the selling price per unit. 4. Calculate the variable cost per unit. 5. Calculate the contribution margin per unit. 6. Which income statement format (traditional format or contribution format) would be more useful to managers in estimating how net operating income will change in responses to changes in unit sales? Complete this question by entering your answers in the tabs below Req 1 Req 2 Req 3 to 5 Req 6 Prepare a contribution format income statement. nt S 225,000 Variable expenses Cost of goods sold Selling $ 157,500 11,250
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